Our partnering surgeons desire optimal outcomes for their patients, and enduring relationships with referring doctors and dentists. One way to achieve these goals is through involvement in clinical research. At Paradigm Oral Health, we provide ongoing opportunities for participation in, and exposure to, the latest research efforts, resulting in improved techniques and technologies, and ultimately in better patient experiences.

Empowering Practices Through Data


We are proud to provide our surgeons access to Paragon, a unique, proprietary data ecosystem that transforms practices via timely information and business intelligence. This is all part of our commitment to leveraging technology to drive clinical results.

Current Projects:

  • This retrospective review of nearly 62,000 patients is the largest study of its kind
  • An adverse event rate of 0.04% shows a safer safety profile than previous studies
  • Improved statistical analysis and machine learning was used to identify risk factors for adverse events
  • Expected publication 2023

The Safe Opioid Prescribing project is a series of studies and internal Quality Improvement programs that focuses on maintaining patient safety and comfort.

  • Phase I: Multicenter retrospective review of opioid prescribing habits within OMS private practice and academic settings. Expected publication 2024.
  • Phase II: Determine optimal post-op pain regimen for patients using evidence-based medicine.
  • Phase III: Internal education campaign to optimize pain management for our patients. Different pedagogies will be employed to validate the most effective way to educate healthcare providers.
  • Phase IV: Follow up study to identify improvement in opioid prescribing habits and patient outcomes.

What makes a surgeon successful?

  • In this study we will examine how thinking preferences impact surgeon success
  • The HBDI Thinking Styles assessment tool was administered to all Paradigm’s providers
  • “Education” characteristic was positively correlated to surgeon net promoter score and surgeon productivity
  • Expected publication 2023-2024