At Paradigm Oral Health, our objective is to help practices achieve their most important goals. That means delivering consistently high standards of patient care. And it means cultivating strong relationships with referring doctors and dentists.

To help achieve these goals, we provide oral surgery practices with a host of services and a supportive ecosystem, making it easy to lead your practice with excellence and efficiency. We are proud of how our unique approach can benefit the practice and patients.

Patient Care

When a dentist refers one of their patients to an oral surgical provider, they have a vested interest in the level of care their patient receives. At Paradigm Oral Health, we take this to heart and make patient-centered care our guiding principle. We ensure that our partnering practices are staffed with highly trained, world-class surgeons, using next-gen technology and digital workflow applications to deliver high-quality outcomes and an exceptional patient experience.

Paradigm Education

Paradigm Oral Health is a leading facilitator of internal and external education programs, including live lectures and hands-on training sessions to help surgeons stay abreast of cutting-edge techniques and technologies. In addition, we provide ongoing education to the referral community, ultimately contributing to a seamless spectrum of care for the end patient.

Innovation & Research

Our surgeons leverage the most cutting-edge clinical advancements to provide their patients with the highest standards of care. At Paradigm, we equip our surgeons with access to significant new research and best-in-class technology. Of particular note is Paragon, our unique, proprietary data ecosystem, which enables your practice to realize a competitive advantage via timely information and business intelligence.

Surgeon Leadership

At Paradigm Oral Health, we are committed to collaborating and supporting oral surgeons. Surgeon leadership is central to our approach, ensuring that each practice runs according to the vision of its surgical team. We consistently guide our surgeons in sound decision-making and optimal operational efficiency.

“Being part of Paradigm has allowed me to grow at a much faster rate than I would have by myself. The resources they provide give every Paradigm practice a MAJOR advantage over those who aren’t apart of it. They have helped me add doctors, acquire property and grow my practice overall. Partnering with them has given me more freedom to do what I love with the excellent systems and support structure they have in place.”

Dr. Brent Newby

KC Dental Implants & Oral Surgery

“Before partnering with Paradigm, I spent a significant amount of time focusing on HR, marketing, IT, retirement plans, and health insurance for our team. Paradigm has delivered an excellent platform for management, and we have experienced significant growth after partnering. In addition, it has allowed me to focus my attention on patient care and quality patient experiences.”

Dr. Timothy McConnell

Southeast Oral Surgery

“At Paradigm, I can focus on the most enjoyable part of my job, seeing patients and providing excellent outcomes for all constituents. Our online patient reviews are a testament to the service we provide.”

Dr. Jonathan McCabe

Advanced Oral Surgery & Periodontics

“I love working with a highly ambitious and energized team. At Paradigm, we are always finding ways to innovate and increase the value we deliver. ”

Dr. Thomas Stone

Colorado Surgical Arts

“Since joining Paradigm, I’ve partnered with the best oral surgeons around the country.  The comradery is amazing!  There is so much opportunity to learn from each other and so much willingness to share information, from cases and surgical techniques to best practices for billing, HR, marketing, etc.  My practice is growing like never before with the support and data that Paradigm provides!”

Dr. Michael Walker

Chester County Oral Surgery