David Rallis, DDS, MD

Chief Executive Officer

Greg Williams

Chief Financial Officer

Karley Krcilek

Chief People Officer

Whit Polley

Chief Business Development Officer

Ted Timmerman

Chief Technology Officer

Thomas Stone, DDS, MD, FACS

Chief Clinical Officer

Katie Rallis

Senior Vice President of Growth Initiatives

James Card

Vice President Business Intelligence

Mike Makar

Vice President Corporate Controller

Bret Barger

Vice President Surgeon Recruitment

Rhonda Miller

Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management

Katie Ossowski

Vice President of Operations

Brittney Wiemer

Vice President of Business Integration

Kaamala Thorne

Senior Director of Education & Referral Engagement

Kirsten Smith

Director of Marketing

Tom Ravenstahl

Director of Business Development

Brittany Helget

Director of Implant Growth

Kelly England

Director of Operational Integration

Patrick Simpson

Director of Surgeon Outreach and De Novo Development

Natalie Fiala

Director of Clinical Operations

Surgeon Advisory Committee Chairmen

Kevin Rieck, DDS, MD, FACs

Mark Jesin, DDS

Steve Wiemer, DDS, MD

Daniel Yacoob, DDS, MD

Michael Walker, DDS, MD

Jim O’Brien, DDS