Chief Executive Officer

Dr. David Rallis, DDS, MD received his undergraduate education from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He attended dental school at the University of Nebraska Medical Center earning a Doctor of Dental Surgery in 2004. He then completed medical school at Mayo Medical School, and a general surgery internship and oral and maxillofacial surgery residency at the Mayo Clinic. Upon completion in 2010, he founded Nebraska Oral & Facial Surgery in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Dr. Rallis’ vision, leadership, and innovative skills led to the rapid growth of a patient centric practice focused on delivering world class surgical outcomes while ensuring the best patient experience. Utilizing digital technology, developing novel clinical workflows, and an intense focus on the needs of the patient, Nebraska Oral & Facial Surgery was able to disrupt the oral surgery landscape and become a national leader in dental implant surgery.

The continued growth of Nebraska Oral & Facial Surgery led Dr. Rallis to look for additional practice growth opportunities. In 2014, he successfully led the expansion of the practice into Columbus, Nebraska. In 2015, Dr. Rallis set forth a plan to start a separately branded practice in Omaha, Nebraska. There he recognized the ability to replicate his systems and processes in a new market and saw unprecedented growth leading him to further realize the opportunity to continue scaling the company.

In 2016, Dr. Rallis’ imaginative mind and entrepreneurial spirit led him to develop Loop Digital Solutions, a small start-up software company with the aim to create a cloud-based business solution for his oral surgery practices. From this endeavor, “Loop”, a cloud-based referral management and communication platform was developed, tested, and implemented. Recognizing its value and unique potential, the Straumann Group, a Swiss-based company and global leader in dental implant manufacturing and sales, acquired the technology platform. This experience gave Dr. Rallis a unique look into the world of corporate dentistry and his expertise is now heavily relied on throughout the dental industry.

In 2018, Dr. Rallis opened a new practice in the Minneapolis / St. Paul metropolitan area, and again saw rapid growth and patient satisfaction.

After a decade of refining a technology inclined disruptive operating model, Dr. Rallis felt it was time to expand the influence of the core practices. In 2018, he founded what has become Paradigm Oral Health, a platform focused on setting the standards for, and expanding the delivery of, world-class specialty surgical care in dentistry. Through Paradigm, Dr. Rallis’ vision, has been realized in the rapid growth of de novo practices replicating the established operating model. Additionally, numerous market leading oral surgery practices across the nation have found enormous value and alignment in the Paradigm model and have joined the Paradigm platform. Together Dr. Rallis and a broad team of nationally recognized surgeons have continued to build the platform finding new ways to bring value to their patients and teams.

Dr. Rallis’s most recent interests have come in the area of data science and healthcare informatics. In 2019, Dr. Rallis began to develop a data science team within Paradigm focused on building a data ecosystem now called Paragon. Paradigm’s vision is now automated, measured, and validated through Paragon. Dr. Rallis views this technology as being transformational to the future of the Paradigm platform and beyond.

Today Paradigm Oral Health delivers care in 15 states with plans to expand to more than 20 states by the end of 2022. It has become the practice of choice for energized market leading surgeons, as well as new surgeons seeking to build their careers in a creative, high energy learning environment that is centered around the needs of the patient.