20 Sep 2023

Insights into the World of Dentistry with Indraneel Kanaglekar, SVP, Global Dental President of ZimVie

Indraneel Kanaglekar, the Global Dental President of ZimVie, offers a deep dive into the world of dentistry and its significance in the landscape of global healthcare. Under his leadership, dentistry not only serves as the linchpin for ZimVie but is also envisioned as its future growth trajectory.


  • Educational & Career Journey: Starting off as an engineer (though self-admittedly not a very good one), Indraneel pivoted to the business sector after obtaining a business degree. His experience spans management consulting and a special focus on mergers and acquisitions. His passion for dentistry began in the realm of R&D, which was instrumental in rejuvenating ZimVie’s product lineup.

ZimVie’s Approach:

Holistic Presence: ZimVie’s expansive presence is designed to cater to both clinical and business requisites.

Three Pillars:

  1. Product & Workflow Solutions: Dedicated to streamlining processes and enhancing product offerings.
  2. Medical Education: Providing a robust knowledge base for professionals.
  3. Service & Experience: Prioritizing client experience and seamless transactions.


  • Encode Empowered Program Technology: A hallmark of ZimVie’s tech arsenal. Its scanning capabilities are groundbreaking, poised to redefine complicated dental procedures by making them more accessible and simplified.

Mergers & Acquisitions Insights:

  • Drawing from his expertise, Indraneel shares the three cornerstones for a successful business acquisition:
  • Market Attractiveness: A viable and growing market is crucial.
  • Strong Brand Presence: The acquisition target should have an established and positive brand image.
  • Pricing: The acquisition should be financially sound and beneficial.

Being disciplined and consistent with these criteria paves the way for smart investments.

The Key to Business Longevity:

  • Avoid Market Disruption: Businesses should ensure they don’t disturb existing market equilibriums adversely.
  • Incessant Innovation: Companies should continually strive for better products, leveraging proprietary technologies that ensure efficiency and rapid scalability.
  • Patient-Centric Approach: Prioritizing patient care stands businesses in good stead, placing them head and shoulders above competition.

The Future of Implant Dentistry:

Indraneel predicts a surge in advancements within the domain of dental implants. This will be catalyzed by innovations in AI and automation, pointing towards a future where dental procedures are more precise, efficient, and patient-friendly.

Tune in for a compelling conversation on the convergence of business, technology, and dentistry with Indraneel Kanaglekar.