11 Oct 2023

Building Value in a Healthcare Business: A Conversation with Karan Garg

In this podcast, Karan Garg (KG) discusses his extensive experience as a leader in healthcare investment banking and how he fell into the world of dentistry.

Karan began his career in investment banking right after completing his undergraduate studies, embarking on a long and successful journey in this field. He has spent 17 years in the healthcare department, with a particular emphasis on healthcare investment banking. Throughout his career, he has been involved in various aspects, including mergers and acquisitions and private equity funds.

Success in investment banking, Karan emphasizes, hinges on a deep passion for the business, strong sales and marketing skills, and the ability to communicate effectively and provide critical advice. This role offers individuals the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills over time.

Karan also highlights the profound impact that mentors in investment banking have had on companies like Paradigm. He finds great joy in helping these companies advance to the next level through financial and strategic guidance.

Karan’s journey into dentistry was somewhat serendipitous, but over the past decade, he has been involved in over 50 transactions totaling $30 billion. He identifies promising opportunities in dentistry, seeing it as a sector with potential for rapid growth compared to other markets.

Looking into the future of dentistry, Karan envisions opportunities for companies to collaborate with payers (insurance companies) and providers (dentists) to enhance patient outcomes. Aligning the interests of these stakeholders is key to success in this field.

When it comes to building value in dental businesses, Karan stresses the importance of both tangible and intangible value. This encompasses not only financial assets but also factors such as reputation, patient satisfaction, and community engagement.

In terms of advice for success, Karan shares valuable insights. He encourages individuals to maintain a clear vision and stay focused on their goals despite external distractions. Additionally, he emphasizes the significance of successful CEOs delegating tasks, finding the right people, and holding them accountable, as trying to do the job of multiple people alone is unsustainable. Lastly, he encourages being open to criticism and change, embracing a coachable attitude to continually improve and adapt.

In this podcast, Karan Garg’s insights shed light on the unique challenges and opportunities in healthcare and investment banking, as well as his experiences in the world of dentistry and business leadership.